- LCL shipments - completing small volume orders to reduce the cost of delivery. We inspect, label and prepare all necessary documents at the port of departure for customs clearance and shipment.

- FCL shipments - our best container shipping rates from local and global shipping lines. Tracking, documentary support, consulting. Cargo departures from ports in China, India and Singapore every week.

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- The fastest way to deliver your orders from factories and online stores of China and USA.- Registration, tracking, documentation, counseling services.

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- LTL shipments - delivery of small and middle size cargos, not required a full truck. We provide passing cargo, multimodal shipments, shipments from the consolidation warehouse.

- FTL shipments - delivery of goods by individual truck. Any volume cargo transportation. Fast search and truck submission for loading in Ukraine and Europe.

- Shipping within Europe (EU) and United States - for the needs of Your business, or Your partners’ needs. Shipping on request, for any cargo type, weight and volume.

- Delivery of dangerous goods (ADR), liquid, bulk, oversize cargos.

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- Customs licensed warehouses in Poland and China for storage, consolidation and customs clearance of Your goods.
- Palletizing, marking, sorting cargos for further shipment in necessary parts.

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- Customs clearance for Your cargos in Europe, China, USA and Ukraine. Import, Export, Transit services.
- CMR, Т-1, ЕХ-1, TIR CARNET preparation.
- Certificates of origin СТ-1, EUR-1 obtaining.
- HS codes selection, customs and budget payments calculation, declaration assistance.
- Phytosanitary certificates, fumigation acts, SES conclusions obtaining.

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- Counseling, document management support, business correspondence in the language of Your partners.
- Search and help in negotiations with Your European, Asian and American suppliers.
- Contracting, shipping documents verification, according to the legal requirements of Your partners.
- FEA subject’s accreditation, certification of goods assistance.

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Types of transportation

Container transportation

This is a method of transporting goods in special standard containers. This method is used to transport goods by various modes of transport, including sea, rail and road transport.

Air transportation

This is the process of transporting goods using cargo planes or in the luggage compartments of passenger planes. This type of transportation is used for the fastest delivery of goods.

Railway transportation

This is the process of transporting goods using freight trains. This type of transport is widely used for transporting large quantities of goods over medium and long distances.

Collective cargo

This is a method of transportation in which several small batches of goods from different senders are combined into one vehicle or container for joint delivery to different recipients. This method allows you to reduce transportation costs for each sender due to the distribution of total costs among several customers.

Oversized cargo

These are cargoes that, by their size or weight, exceed the standard permissible parameters for transportation by ordinary means of transport. Transportation of such goods requires special equipment, permits and special conditions.

Dangerous goods

These are materials or substances that, during transport, may pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Such cargoes require special conditions of transportation, labeling, packaging and compliance with strict rules and regulations.

Loads with thermoregime

These are goods that require certain temperature conditions during transport, storage and delivery to maintain their quality and integrity. These products may be sensitive to high or low temperatures, as well as humidity.

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